A cuisine-driven inn with beautiful sunrise views over Osaka Bay

Welcome to the Atsuhama Inn!

Welcome to the Atsuhama Inn!

Take in the delightful sea breezes as
you relax in our spacious accommodations.

We also offer signature cuisine made with locally-sourced ingredients from Awaji Island.
We bring you the freshest seasonal offerings, specializing in hamo dishes in the summer months and blowfish dishes in winter.
Atsuhama beach is right outside our door, giving you sweeping views of Osaka Bay and beautiful sunrises that glitter across the ocean on fine-weather days.

We eagerly welcome guests traveling with business and sports groups as well.
We look forward to seeing you in Atsuhama!


A prime location with sweeping views of Osaka Bay

Osaka Bay

Rooms and facilities

Japanese-style rooms

12 mats1
10.5 mats1
6 mats3


Cotton kimono (yukata), kimono overcoat (tanzen), toothbrush set, towels, air conditioner/heater, TV, hair dryer, tea set

Bringing a group?

We have rooms designed to accommodate up to 30 guests.
Please contact us if you’d like to reserve one.

  • Meals


    We have a live tank to ensure that the seafood dishes we serve are as fresh as they can be!
    ★Free WiFi available

    Breakfast/DinnerServed in the dining area
  • Baths


    Available3:00 PM–10:00 PM (men and women alternate)
    Bath amenitiesConditioning shampoo, soap, hairbrushes, razors (for purchase)
  • Daily barbeque specials (through the end of October)

    Daily barbeque specials (through the end of October)

    You can also bring your own food to grill! We’ll rent you an outdoor stove.

    Per vehicle¥1,000
    Per person¥400

    Note 1: Closes at 5:00 PM
    Note 2: There is a charge for renting our stoves, umbrellas, tables, and chairs


Please note that we are located along a major road and our building is not a new one, so you may hear traffic noise.

Check-in3:00 PM
Checkout10:00 AM
ParkingFree (space for 30 passenger vehicles and 3 buses)
Pickup/dropoff servicesNot available
Onsite facilitiesDining area, baths, vending machines, souvenir shop


Our meals are prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients locally sourced from Awaji Island.

Our meals are prepared with the freshest
seasonal ingredients locally sourced from Awaji Island.

Our specialties blowfish in the winter and hamo eel in the summer! We also have a fish tank onsite—meaning we can scoop up your seafood and have it on your plate at peak freshness!!
We are also pleased to offer delicious Awaji beef, fresh Awaji vegetables, premium homemade desserts, and more.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best that Atsuhama has to offer!

Winter only (mid-October through late March) Three-year Awaji torafugu blowfish

Winter only (mid-October through late March)Three-year Awaji torafugu blowfish

This type of blowfish spends three years growing slowly in the Naruto Strait, amidst the fastest-moving tides in Japan. It is a brand-name blowfish from southern Awaji, known for its exceptional quality and abundance. At the Atsuhama Inn, we offer full-course meals that make generous use of three-year Awaji torafugu blowfish.

Summer only (June through August) Awaji-sourced hamo

Summer only (June through August)Awaji-sourced hamo

Hamo is in season on Awaji island between early summer and early fall.
Hamo is at peak flavor during the summer months, and we offer a variety of delicious preparations—from hamo sukiyaki to parboiled and tempura-fried—so you can enjoy this local specialty to the fullest.

What's nearby

What's nearby

We are located in the central part of Awaji,
offering convenient access to all the sights of the island!

We’re located on National Route 28 in the center of Awaji Island, which means that we’re incredibly easy to get to and perfectly positioned to access popular tourist spots for families and couples, like England Hill and the Naruto whirlpools.
Our location also is perfect for sports camps, since we’re within a 15-minute drive of the Sumoto Municipal Culture Center and Gymnasium, the Hyogo Sano Ballpark, and the Tsuna Sports Center.

Getting here

Parking information

Address1117-1 Atsuhama, Nakagawara-cho, Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture 656-0001

Note: Please enter the above address if you are using a navigation system

ParkingFree (space for 30 passenger vehicles and 3 buses)
Parking informationParking

By car


By car

By highway bus


By highway bus

By air


By air

● Airport limousine bus with direct service to the Sumoto Bus Center

Kobe Airport(about 120 minutes) Note: One bus per day
Click here for timetables
Osaka International Airport (Itami)(about 110 minutes) Note: Three buses per day
Click here for timetables

● Airport limousine bus with direct service to the Sumoto IC

Kansai International Airport(about 120 minutes)
Click here for timetables


  • Are there any convenience stores nearby?

    There is a Lawson (Sumoto Aigacho location) about two minutes away by car.
  • Do the baths use hot-spring water?

    We regret that our baths are not fed by hot-spring water.
    If you’d like to take a hot-spring bath, we’re happy to direct you to one of the day-use facilities in the area.
    The Parchez Kaori-no-Yu and Wellness Park Goshiki baths are within about 30 minutes by car.
  • Is WiFi available in the rooms?

    We’re sorry, but we do not offer WiFi service in the guestrooms.
    You can access free WiFi in the dining area.